Secretary’s Message



Dear Readers,
It’s time again to pen down my thoughts, as the secretary of this Institution regarding education which prepares real human beings.

I have always thought of exploiting the total potential energy in me and converting it into the kinetic form. I believe that the school management have the vital role at reforming the whole nation and meeting the need for excellence in education on a priority basis. I believe that children are like soft clay and they can be transformed. Many way the school likes. For that matter, the school must have a clear vision of what they want out of their students, who are the future of the country. Therefore, in my opinion, the first role of education in schools should be to inculcate nationalism in children.
In my priority list further, schools should maintain the cultural values of our country, which is very important. Without cultural values, we cannot really apprehend our past, which is very glorious, and we have to be linked with that. Teaching only Physics, Chemistry, or Biology is not a difficult job or prepareing 1000 of students ready for IIT or for medical training is not a cliff cult job. We have been producing thousands and thousands of doctors. But converting them into good human beings is very difficult task.
I believe that if God has sent us to the Earth, we should exploit our energies to the best. Before we die, we should leave our mark on the soil so that when we leave this world somebody should feel proud that we have justified our presence over here and we have done our best for the country; we have returned our debts to the country.
I believe that if, we all join hands in making a mission that children are our destiny, that we have to shape their careers and future, we can do so; we have the potential because children come to school at a tender age and it is then that we become their guiding lines. Believe that the type of satisfaction, the type of happiness, and the type of internal strength you will feel by shaping their future and making them good human beings will be a matter for you to rejoice in the long days to come. You will feel you have done something good for the community, and for the Nation.
Krishna Educational Society

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

Carl Jung