Scout & Guide

Scouting is fun with a purpose, directing, helping boys and girls become happy, healthy, useful citizens. Scouting complements the school , education, family, and filling needs not met by either. Scouting develops self-knowledge and the need to explore, to discover, world beyond the classroom, tapping the skills of others to learn and to become well- rounded people. Scout and Guides have been organized for the students to build a strong body, sharp mind and noble character of children. Several Activities are conducted in this regard in the precinct of Krishna Public School, Raipur.
Pyramid Making Activity is conducted in order to improve balancing skills among the students.
During the celebration of Independence Day, Republic Day and Annual Sports Day of School, March Past Activity is conducted to develop discipline skills among the students.
Knot Making is taught to students for different practical uses in future.
Students are being trained in Kabaddi to develop self defense skills, and teach to develop and maintain health- sanitation and cleanliness awareness.
For environment consciousness students can conduct the “Save the Bird” campaign.
In addition to these Character Building, Career Counseling, Road Safety, Consumer Awareness, and Communal Harmony can be implemented.


Scouts and Guides Law

A Scout/Guide is trustworthy
A Scout/Guide is loyal
A Scout/Guide is a friend to all and a brother/sister to every other Scout/Guide.
A Scout/Guide is courteous
A Scout/Guide is a friend to animals and loves nature.
A Scout/Guide is disciplined and helps to protect public property.
A Scout/Guide is courageous.
A Scout/Guide is thrifty.
A Scout/Guide is pure in thought, word and deed.