All students to follow daily routine strictly : No Application on page will entertained

Provision of half day leave is expunged, but in an emergency, request can be considered for genuine reasons. Any type of leave will however be granted on the written request of authorised signatory via the School Diary. Leave will be granted only for serious illness, death of near and dear ones, natural calamity, marriage of real brother/sister, aunty, uncle (mother's or father's brother or sister), any other convincing reason.

No leave will be entertained during Weekly Tests, Oral Exams or Examination, except in medical cases. LEAVE CRITERIA FOR STUDENTS OF BOARD CLASSES WILL BE DIFFERENT.

Those who come late or remain absent on the previous day must bring a note in the designated Leave Record Page in the School Diary only, giving reason for late coming or being absent duly signed by authorised signatory.

A pupil who is found to be habitually absent without any bona-fide reason or any explanation from parents or guardians is able to have, his/her name struck off from the roll of the school register and information will be passed on to the parents/guardians.

Name of the student will be struck off from the roll if he/she is absent continuously for a period of three days or more without any information or permission and re-admission procedure will be followed, with the charging of fees on joining.

A student must not leave the school during the working hours without Gate-Pass.

If the child remains absent for three subsequent days, parent must accompany the child and meet the principal to continue his/her studies.

Absence during the term is not in the best interest of the student.They are asked not to apply for leave, if avoidable.However leave can be granted on the basis of serious illness, death of nearest, marriage of real brother, sister etc.