Hostel Rules For Students


General Rules and Regulation

Combined study will not be permitted.
Students will sleep in their own allotted rooms/beds only.
Students should also avoid using things / garments of others.
Students are not allowed to borrow money from anyone. Balance amount must be deposited with warden which they can take back, time to time when it is needed.
The students are advised not to keep large amount of cash or valuables in the room. The students is responsible for the safety of his belongings inside the room.
Details of phone calls must be mentioned in the particular register by the students.
Washer man will be available in the evening in the hostel very often.
Students will lock their rooms before they leave.
Students will not be permitted to leave the campus without permission.
Students must switch off the electrical fixtures whenever it is not required.
Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their own rooms. To ensure cleanliness, they should keep their shoes outside the room at proper place.
In case of any loss or damage of the hostel belongings, the cost will be realized through general fine.
Students may contact the principal / warden for any problem without any hesitation.
No local calls will be entertained.
There will be adequate arrangement for guidance in all the subjects during teaching hours in the school for the classes xi & xii. However if, students want to have additional guidance, permission should be granted for the same.
Mobile phones are not allowed to be possessed by the students.

Behaviour and Discipline

Hostelites are expected to display acceptable form of behaviour, maintain discipline and decorum in the hostel complex.

Hostellers will follow the daily routine of the hostel and school unless exempted on medical grounds or recommendation of the hostel warden.

Hostellers will not be allowed to keep and take medicines / tonics without the knowledge of the hostel warden / medical officer.

Electrical gadgets like heaters, kettles, irons or any other such appliances will not be allowed in the hostel.

Students will be punished for scribbling graffiti on the walls, usage of foul language, unruly movement in the corridors.

Allotments of Rooms

Hostel accommodation is allotted purely at the discretion of the chief warden and on condition that the student agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations of the hostel.

All students are required to bring 3 passport size photographs for hostel admission at the time of counselling.

The hostel facilities fee / deposit may be paid at the time of counselling or registration/admission.

Students are requested to avoid singing aloud, shouting or making all types of noises which are likely to distract the attention of those who may be studying in their rooms.

The hostel facility will only be provided to the student after personal interview. The conduct and behaviour will be closely observed for continuing his admission in the hostel.