Hostel Rules For Parents


No leave will be granted to the hostellers to go home for attending any function during school days.
Phone calls may be transmitted on Sundays only.
In case of emergency, guardians may contact the Warden / Principal on phone.
Parents may meet their wards max. once in a month in the guest room only. Students can contact their parents max. once in a month if they are unable to receive the calls from their parents.
Local guardians will be allowed to meet the respective ward only once in a month . But the hosteller will not be permitted to visit the residence of the local guardians in any case.
There will be constant medical care of the hosteller in the hostel but in case of frequent / long illness the child shall be sent back till getting cured.
Separate tuition will be arranged in the school campus only. In no case girls particularly will be permitted to attend outside tuition.
If the student does not show any improvement in studies till first mid term, he / she may be sent back. The fees deposited in the school / Hostel will not be refunded except of caution money.
In birthday celebration no exchange of gifts shall be permitted.
Parents are advised to deposit the money either in the Bank or with the hostel warden.
Costly ornaments , camera, tape recorder, walkman, cell phones etc. must not be provided to the students.
Parents are requested to contact the Principal during office hours after every Mid Term Test regarding the progress of their wards.
In case of any misconduct of the student he or she will be expelled from the hostel & school both.


Doors shall be kept open while studying in the room.

On alternate Saturdays students may be taken to market between 4:00 pm and 6:30 pm.