Executive Director’s Message



I feel immensely pleased to welcome you all to the Krishna Public School community. Whenever I wander through the doorways of the school I experience some extraordinary, exciting and positive vibes by our students and staff. I hope that you will also experience enthralling, exciting and invigorating feelings as the reality of my daily experiences. Our students’ enthusiasm, determination and creativity captivates me.  The expertise of our staff and the uniqueness of vision as a school, offer the best possible opportunity to develop all round development for all in our community. I hope you will have the same sense of joyful discovery as you navigate this site.

Our school fosters a supportive and encouraging environment for all students, staff and stakeholders. We all are deeply committed towards ensuring good quality learning experiences with professional care and attention. We nurtures an international perspective developed through the British Council via the International School Award for educational excellence. Our  students not only demonstrate academic excellence but also the important qualities of integrity, leadership, adaptability, resilience, and true compassion for others. We are focused on making students mold as modern global citizens for a better future with active caretakers of the environment.

Our school’s vision is to empower its students to be Morally and ethically upright, Intellectually armored, Physically sturdy and culturally accomplished, Socially concerned, Emotionally steadfast empathic Global citizens spreading Love and joy. Its essence identifies our critical focus as KPS enables the development of the skills, knowledge, values and attributes needed for: Lifelong learning, Community service and Global citizenship.

I especially request to explore the tabs of our dynamic website to gain the knowledge about our versatile students and institution.  We are looking forward to meet you.

Ashutosh Tripathi
Executive Director
KPS, Raipur

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courge to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill