Date/Day                  Class – I                               Class – II
23rd Apr.  22 Sat. Drawing & Colouring Drawing & Colouring
30th Apr. 22 Sat. Self Introduction Self Introduction
25th Jun. 22 Sat. English / Hindi Poem Recitation Story Telling
2nd July 22 Sat. Best out of waste Best out of waste
9th July 22 Sat. Fancy Dress Greeting Card
16th July 22 Sat. Greeting Card Fancy Dress
23rd July 22 Sat. Story Telling English / Hindi Poem Recitation
30th July 22 Sat. Mask Making Poster Making
6th Aug. 22 Sat. Poster Making Collage
13th Aug. 22 Sat. Flower Decoration Flower Decoration
20th Aug. 22 Sat. Rakhi Making Rakhi Making
1st Oct. 22 Sat. Shloka Chanting Rangoli
8th Oct. 22 Sat. Rangoli Shloka Chanting
15th Oct. 22 Sat. Diya Decoration Diya Decoration
5th Nov. 22 Sat. Solo Dance Sudoku
12th Nov. 22 Sat. Clay Mouldingh Moulding Solo Dance
19th Nov. 22 Sat. Origami Mask Making
3rd Dec. 22 Sat. Computer Painting Solo Song
10th Dec. 22 Sat. Solo Song Computer Painting
17th Dec. 22 Sat. Collage Origami
7th Jan. 23 Sat. Jewellery Making Jewellery Making
13th Jan. 23 Fri. Salad Making Salad Making
21st Jan. 23 Sat. Finger Painting Finger Painting

Competitions (III – V) 2022-23

If on any competition day PTM falls competitions will be preponed or postponed

Date & Day III IV V
23rd Apr. 22 Sat Hindi/English Recitation Hindi/English Recitation Hindi/English Recitation
30th Apr. 22 Sat Drawing/Poster Making Collage/Origamy Poster Making
25th Jun. 22 Sat Story Telling Spell Bee Spell Bee
02nd July 22 Sat Origamy Greeting Card Making Fancy Dress
09th July 22 Sat Fancy Dress Computer Painting Solo Song
16th July 22 Sat Solo Dance Mask Making English Crossword Puzzle
23rd July 22 Sat Computer Painting Solo Dance Newspaper Making
30th July 22 Sat Extempore English Crossword Puzzle Solo Dance
06th Aug. 22 Sat Best out of waste Poster Making PPT Making
13th Aug. 22 Sat Slogan Making Fancy Dress Jewellery Making
20th Aug. 22 Sat Rakhi Making Rakhi Making Rakhi Making
01st Oct. 22 Sat Mask Making Solo Song Best out of waste
08th Aug. 22 Sat Rangoli Rangoli Diya Decoration
15th Aug. 22 Sat Diya Decoration Diya Decoration Rangoli
5th Nov. 22 Sat Spell Bee Best out of waste Greeting Card
12th Nov. 22 Sat Greeting card Flower Decoration Shloka Chanting
19thNov. 22 Sat Flower Decoration Essay Writing Paragraph writing
3rd Dec. 22 Sat Solo Song Extempore Essay Writing
10th Dec. 22 Sat Jewellery Making Jewellery Making Story Writing
17th Dec. 22 Sat Shloka Chanting Newspaper Making Flower Decoration
07th Jan. 23 Sat English Crossword Puzzle Shloka Chanting Tangram Making
14th Jan. 23 Sat Paragraph writing Tangram Making Map Pointing
21th Jan. 23 Sat Tangram Making Map Pointing Slogan Writing

Competitions (VI – VIII) 2022-23

If on any competition day PTM falls competitions will be preponed or postponed

Date & Day VI VII VIII
09th Apr. 22 Sat Solo Dance Competition Best Out Of Waste English Story Writing
16th Apr. 22 Sat Drawing&Painting Competition Shlok Recitation Competition Solo Dance
23rd Apr. 22 Sat Mono Acting Hindi Debate Ad Making
30th Apr. 22 Sat Self Composed Poem Salad Decoration/Flower Decoration Collage Competition/Mono Acting
25th Jun. 22 Sat English Debate Competition Documentary Making Photography Competitition
02nd July. 22 Sat Creative Writing Slogan Writing Competition Poster Making/ Sanskrit Shlokagayan Competition
09th July. 22 Sat Masterchef Instrument Playing Competition Quilling Making Competition.
30th July. 22 Sat Quilling/Jewellery Making Solo Song Competition Best Out Of Waste
06th Aug. 22 Sat Solo Song Competition Rakhi Making Competition Elocution/Aryabhattganit Challenge
13th Aug. 22 Sat Rakhi Making Competition Poster Making Competition Puppet Making/Drawing &Colouring
20th Aug. 22 Sat Poster Making Competition Sudoku Flower/Salad Decoration
27th Aug. 22 Sat English Compering Jewellery Making./Quilling Art Science.Quiz/Sanskrit Quiz
01th Oct. 22 Sat Logo Making Rangoli Making Competition Rangoli Comp./Sudoko
15th Oct. 22 Sat Rangoli Making Competition Mask Making Comp.Programming/Adobe Creativity Challenge
05th Nov. 22 Sat Mask Making Puppet Making Inter House G.K Quiz
12th Nov. 22 Sat Puppet Making Solo Dance Competition English Debate Competition
19th Nov. 22 Sat Best Out Of Waste Drawing&Painting Competition Solo Song/Skit Competition.
26th Nov. 22 Sat Shlok Recitation Competition Mono Acting Eng /Hindi Poem Writing
03rd Dec. 22 Sat Hindi Debate Self Composed Poem Logo Making Competition
10th Dec. 22 Sat Salad Decoration/Flower Decoration English Debate English Debate
17th Dec. 22 Sat Extempore In English Creative Writing News Paper Making
21st Jan. 23 Sat Slogan Writing Competition Masterchef Masterchef
28th Jan. 23 Sat Instrument Playing Competition English Compering English Compering

Competitions (IX – XII) 2022-23

If on any competition day PTM falls competitions will be preponed or postponed

Date & Day                                          IX &  X                                                         XI & XII
09th Apr. 22 Sat Poem writing English /Inter House Hindi Debate
16th Apr. 22 Sat Instrument playing/AryabhattGanit Challenge
23rd Apr. 22 Sat English Debate
30 Apr. 22 Sat Documentary making
25 Jun. 22 Sat Movie Making/ Sanskrit Quiz
02 July 22 Sat English Elocution
09 July 22 Sat Poster Making Competition./Sanskrit Shloka Gayan Competition English Debate
30 July 22 Sat Story Writing English/Hindi Ad Making /Hindi Debate
06 Aug. 22 Sat News Paper making/Computer Programming Rock Band Competition
13 Aug. 22 Sat Inter House G.K quiz Ad Making /Hindi Debate
20 Aug. 22 Sat Story writing/Maths Quiz Story Writing /GK Quiz
27 Aug. 22 Sat Solo Dance/Science Quiz Maths Quiz / Mono act
01 Oct. 22 Sat Best out of waste/Adobe Creativity Challenge Compering Comp /press Report
15 Oct. 22 Sat Computer programming/Reading Challenge Computer Programming
05 Nov. 22 Sat Logo making competition Drawing/ Painting Competition
12 Nov. 22 Sat Photography competition Best Out Of Waste / Radio Jockey
19 Nov. 22 Sat Comparing comp Solo Dance /English Essay
26 Nov. 22 Sat Sudoko Competition Elocution /news Paper Making
03 Dec. 22 Sat Skit Competition
10 Dec. 22 Sat Ad Making Competition.
17 Dec. 22 Sat News Paper making