To provide opportunities for students to expose their creativity, techniques, originality, and crafts.

To sharpen observation art making skills, recording, manipulation, and application

To create forms and color schemes in imagination with an ability to express them effectively in the artwork.

To help practicing artists hone their skills, develop their techniques & collaborate with other artists.

To engage and create bonds with the community through arts.

To work together through projects & beautify school and community.

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To create a platform or market where students can gain real experiences in the business world.

To provide opportunities for networking with business professionals and fellow business students, and personal development, to help students transition into the business world.


To enhance their skills in programming and creativity.

To enhance and improve computational, and logical skills among students.

To enhances skills towards new and emerging technology

To make them techno savvy


To give young creators ideas and accentuate their imagination for more diverse worms

the purpose is to bring together those that enjoy reading comic books, graphic novels, manga, and other forms of visual media so that they can discuss, celebrate and view the medium. As well as explore new ideas and create new comics

To help improve story writing capability

To help improve artistic skills and thinking

A fun and safe environment where nerds can be themselves.


To inculcate the feelings of service for mankind, develop empathy towards less fortunate and weaker sections of society, and make students good and responsible citizens of the country.


To empower students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects.

It is a forum through which students can reach out to influence, and engage their parents and neighborhood communities to promote sound environmental behavior.

It will empower students to explore environmental concepts and actions beyond the confines of a syllabus or curriculum.


To foster in students the feeling of love towards our rich heritage.

To learn and explore the vastness of Indian Heritage.

To inculcate in students inquisitiveness towards quizzing.

To develop in students the curiosity to visit various heritage sites.


The Leadership Club aims for the future of the country to be exposed as teen leaders to a variety of experiences that foster their own personal and guild amelioration leading to one’s leadership development. The club heads and members plan to work in conjunction to provide experience in working with others to achieve a common goal whilst acquiring new skills.


The objective is to spread awareness about the constitution of India and specially imbibe the ideas of fundamental duties amongst the students, our second objective is to update the students about the latest changes in the laws that directly or indirectly affects their life.


To inculcate among students a flair for the language and enhance their literary skills. To induce reading habits in students. To encourage students to become orators and display their intellectual, independent thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence. To provide a platform for debating events.Writing is the primary basis upon which one’s learning and intellect will be judged. Writing skills equips us with communication and thinking skills — It also fosters our ability to explain and refine our ideas to others and ourselves. Writing skills are an important part of communication.


Mathematics club helps in the proper utilization of leisure time.It helps in arousing and maintaining students’ interest in mathematics.

To develop students’ level of Math skills and knowledge.To inculcate a love for Maths & foster the importance of the subject in the present world.These objectives are accomplished by using games, activities, Math Puzzles, and competitions. Math Club will support students with classroom learning, enrich their skills with higher order thinking, and prepare students for future MATHS Competitions.


Our objective is to develop the affection toward our Indian Culture & Heritage. The most important factor is that the Music, Instrument, Dance & Theater which are precious gems of our culture, our heritage; develops the performance skill, knowledge, artistic caliber, etc. which enhances & enriches the students in various ways in their life as well as personality.

Our aim & mission is to preserve our culture & heritage “The Hindustani Classical Vocal, Instrument, dance & theater”.


“Let’s create memories”

The aim and objective of the photography club are to click pictures, record videos, and edit pictures of different events and competitions organized by the school.

We motivate new members of the club to be in discipline and to follow rules of the club.

Our objective is that every photo clicked by members becomes a memory for the school.


The sports club is committed to providing a healthy sporting habit among the students. It helps to learn teamwork at the work. coordination among diverse cultural & ethnic groups and mainly infuses discipline & instills the value system in one individual.


The aim of the Psychology Club is to make psychology fun and educational for everyone.

To provide a platform to address issues related to mental health by generating awareness and seeking solutions. It is managed by the enthusiastic students of the Psychology stream


To provide proper exposure, incentive, and inspiration to the students for the pursuit of scientific knowledge in a rigorous way by broadening their fundamental scientific outlook.


Effective learning or innovative learning is a way where a child gains knowledge not only through books but by participating in various mind games and quizzes which helps improve their critical thinking. To help improve thinking skills and ignite the young minds of the students, the Quiz Club, Krishna Public School, Raipur aims to conduct quizzes on all possible topics of each student’s interest and bring out the best among the young of our country.