The aesthetically designed campus of Krishna Public School Raipur insulated from the din and bustle of the capital city which enthralls with its stunning academic building and immaculately maintained lush ambience. Spread across a generous ten-acre area the sight of the ethereal swimming pool, the stunning array of sports infrastructure and the spacious boarding houses are simply breathtaking.

Krishna Group of Institutions

KPS, Raipur is a constituent school of  Krishna Group of Institutions, state’s largest closely-held chain of secondary schools and colleges with an aggregate enrolment of over 12000 students. It has fulfilled its promise of delivering excellent academic and co-curricular education with a strong emphasis on values and life skills development.

Academic Block

The academic block fittingly begins with the primary classes, which are inviting and infused with joy that is the hallmark of early years. In secondary classes students are actively engaged in bringing learning to life with their curiosity and explorations.

Digitized Library

The digitized library offers a wide array of books and strives to make resources readily accessible and endeavors to provide students with opportunities to utilize materials in a variety of formats and access information to continue lifelong learning.

Introduction Of Smart Boards

The introduction of smart boards in the classrooms allows the teachers and students to use resources and to develop the learning modules as they go along.

Extensive Art And Music Facilities

The extensive art and music facilities enable them to learn a variety of instruments and experiment with various media.

Computer Labs And Science Laboratories

A Wi-Fi enabled campus enables an immediate access to the internet. The computer labs and the science laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and provide hands-on learning experiences to the young scientists

Innovative Pedagogies

The teachers use innovative pedagogies supported by modern technology and also ensure that the students develop appropriate values to emerge as future leaders with global vision.

Individual Educational Plan

The ‘Individual Educational Plan’ designed specifically for each student on the basis of their abilities, potential and preferences analyzed thoroughly over a period of time by accomplished faculty sets it apart from other educational institutions & lends it a unique premium status of being amongst the most reputed schools of Chhattisgarh.

Club Activities, Competitions And Forums

The school imparts a vibrant environment created by various club activities, competitions and forums, where students feel eager to explore their curiosity. They are encouraged to develop their talents and skills to the fullest focusing on cooperation and dedication. They look upon their school as a second home, which is a safe haven where they find opportunities for growth, be it through their daily classes, morning assemblies and outdoor activities. ‘Know the child.’ A child is much more than the sum of his behavior, his test scores or the grades on his report card. The school encourages an effective Parent Teacher Communication which gives the teachers an insight into the child’s character, strengths, interests, needs and areas of concern

Career Oriented Success

Regarding Career Oriented Success, the school boasts of attaining high level of success. Salient features commence from class III onwards, wherein separate Olympiad Classes are held to nurture the young minds for enthusiastic participation in competitive world. NTSE Classes are also conducted in line with the course curriculum by specialized faculty. Similarly, Foundation Courses for I.I.T preparation are held to boost the academic development of children in formative stages.

Seminars And Workshops

Seminars and Workshops are organized by eminent & accomplished personalities to render right orientation & select suitable careers.

High Teaching-Learning

The high teaching-learning standards are reflected in the excellent selection records of the school with 5 NTSE selections and 4 IIT selections in the very first year of the qualifying year. Also more than 50% city toppers in various Olympiads are from KPS itself.