International Youth Day

                Youth power is the greatestpower. Youth has got enormous strength. It can change the world keeping thesethoughts in mind, Red House students celebrated the International Youth Day on13th Aug. 2013. Worldwide Youth Day is celebrated on 12th Aug. every year. Thetheme of the assembly was to enlighten the youth of present times, to make themaware of their rights and power and to encourage them for performing theirduties towards society and country.

                Theassembly started with an introduction by Anvesh Mishra and Lipika of Class 11th'C'. It was followed by an inspirational shloka which highlighted the qualitiesof youth. The shloka was recited by Ankita 11th 'C' and translated by Modiha of11th 'C'.

                Youthcan build a nation and also can destroy it. The youth of present generation aremisguided due to over exposure towards glamour world, excessive use ofelectronic gadgets etc. The present youth needs to be motivated and guidedtowards right path. They are to be channelized to use their potential in rightmanner. The assembly continued with the news and speech by Akshay, Hansa andAnjali. The speech highlighted the different events organized World wide on theoccasion of Youth Day. The assembly was further continued by a melodious songwhich was based on awakening the youth and to strive hard to overcome thechallenges faced by the country. The song was sung by students of Class 11th,At last there was a skit conducted by the students of Class 11th 'I2' whichfocused on the various problems faced by the youth and how they can overcomethem through strong determination and unity.

                Theassembly was addressed by Director KPS, Mr. Ashutosh Tripathi who openheartedly appreciated the efforts put up by the students of Red House. Therewas a beautiful display of articles and sketches made by the students.

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