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Raipur has been a non-quizzer city. Nonetheless, it is blessed with proactive and amazing budding quizzers from Krishna Public School(KPS).

RBI Quiz Winner

These quizzers are nurtured professionally in the Quizzing Den with the necessary environment required – QPL the Quiz Club in Krishna Public School.
This concept of Club has been initiated as well as headed by Mukund Choudhary a grade XII student, and a distinguished quizzer himself. QPL-a group of passionate quizzers of KPS with more than 15 members have conducted quizzes in and around Raipur in the state of Chhattisgarh in different schools all by their own with an aim to make quizzing as a culture amongst the school goers. Mukund Choudhary being the Vice-president of the Quiz Club initially at school level is now the President of the self-created QPL Quizzing Den.
QPL not only prepares the members for the different types of quizzes but also gives a vent to instill the much needed 21st Century Soft Skills of Leadership, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, and Decision Making at the same time being pro-active members of the QPL Quizzing Den.
QPL Quiz Eco-System provides a boost to knowledge growth through peer learning, thereby helping each other to reach the Top Most level. The members are exposed to around 20 quizzes in a month for all levels of quizzes from City to National Level.
In 2013 there was a tough situation for the quizzers when there was no exposure or platform to prepare the students to appear for different quizzes. However, with the setup of this QPL Quizzing Den the achievements soared to new heights. The passionate quizzers number increased as the achievements of this Club increased in 2 years.   In 2013 only 12 open quizzes were held however the number rose to 25 with the launch of this Club.
The QPL members conduct quizzes within the school as well as in the different schools of the city at various age levels be it for the students, teachers or parents.
Till now, they have conducted it for more than 2000 students in KPS and for more than 500 students in different schools of Raipur till now.
KPS Raipur has been providing all the infrastructural and technical support for the smooth conduction of these quizzes in and around the city.
A dedicated QPL lab with the set environment called QURIOCITY has helped them to nurture their quizzing talent and take it further to develop and create more zealous quizzers, thereby strengthening the quizzing and knowledge sharing ecosystem.

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