Patriotic group song competition

Patriotic group song competition at rotary Club Raipur and Secured 1st Position
“Zara Yaad Kar Kurbani” Patriotic group Song Competition at Lions club Raipur and Secured 2nd Position.

Hindi Debate Competition

The Hindi Debate Competition was hosted for the eloquent students. The championship takes place each year conducted by the literary club.
The best way to win an argument is to be right !
Exchange of knowledge…….Words have incredible power
Students debated on social, moral, educational and political issues.
Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.

Sports Arena of KPS

An ardent desire; a sincere belief..

Aishwarya Yedu continues the enthusiastic journey towards her goal by winning the Runners Up Trophy in the District Level Badminton Championship.

Classes I & II

Speed walk, cat & dog race, Fish & Swan race, Lemon & Spoon race, Giraffe race,Relay race, Zig Zag relay race, Musical chair race, Sprint, Balloon race, Throw ball, Passing the Ball, Cycle race.

Classes –III to Classes-VIII

Kho-kho, Cycle race, Educatioanl realy race, Ball Badminton, Football, dog & Bone race, Cricket ball Throw , Chess, Carrom, Cricket, Volley ball, Hand ball, Sports meet.

Classes IX-XII

Shotput, Discus Throw, Kabbaddi, Carrom, Chess, Ball Badminton, Football, Hand Ball, Cricket, Volley ball, Table Tennis & Basket Ball.

Inter House sports Competitions

Carrom, Chess, Cricket, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Football, Ball Badminton, Table Tennis.