Linguistics Café   

Mukund Choudhary - the Resource person is the debut of the Linguistics Café with a vision of social cause to develop the all important 21st Century skill of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.
At Chhattisgarh there were no Linguistics Classes or tutorials upto class 12 wherein a learner could get exposure to these skills,through this Platform he wants to bring an awareness about the pre-requisites for PLO(url) (given below ) through a fun way of practicing mind boggling (logical) puzzles on linguistics and knowing about linguistics in general. The members learn the already reasearched through the prepared practice sets, timed exams followed by feedbacks and corrected answer sheets for remediation.
This thought constantly lingered on his mind when he had to prepare for the PLO(Panini Linguistics Olympiad) - a pan India examination, with no guidance or mentoring. He researched all alone in detail about different languages and discovered himself how this research is connected to PLO.
After preaparing he got himself registered as the only one candidate for this altogether creative 21st century skill based test from the Chhattisgarh
State (as well as from some neighbouring States) to take the PLO (Panini Linguistics Olympiad).
He was enthralled by his performance when he cleared the PLO and secured the an amazing opportunity to attend a weeklong camp hosted by Indian Institute of Information Technology ( IIIT) at Hyderabad and sponsored by Microsoft India, Xerox , JNU and IIT Guwahati .
Here he had to clear another test after competing with other candidates who got selected from all parts of India ,and got honoured by a silver medal leading to his inclusion in the Indian National team in one go- to compete at the International Linguistics Olympiad .
This is where the spark ignited for the Linguistics Café which propelled him to inspire other learners in a similar way ,may be from his school or his State.
The Linguistics Café is getting superlative response. There was a time when there was no awareness about the PLO when in 2016 the number of registrations were 120 + , wherein only 1 participant was from Chhattisgarh(CG).
However, a boom was observed from Jan 5th 2017 when a huge crowd with 200+ registration out of which 64+ participants to PLO were only from Raipur ( CG) which a single city could ever had –even more than metros.
Amazing performance added to the cap jewel of the Linguistics Café when after PLO round 1, 2 kids of Junior category got selected from KPS itself.
Everyone was excited and awestruck and Kids from class 6th to 12th and now even teachers are keen to be a part of this Café.
Initially the members were mentored for 12+ hours a day for 3.5 weeks of summer, which was the start of Linguistics Cafe.
Present and Future
The Linguistics Café teams are now working with excited peers who want to learn more and solve more on Linguistics and get even more knowledge,
this boosts them by encouraging them to take on extra workload and have even more fun solving problems.
The modus operandi at the Café is that atleast 6 peers indulge in solving papers set by Mukund, discussing solutions
and learning more of the basic introduction to linguistics. The members very well realise now that Linguistics in much beyond
translations,dictionaries or grammar books.
They take these fun filled tutorials to hone their logical approach to problem solving , as a means to know more about our culture,to get a taste of Artificial Intelligence , knowing how and why we communicate etc.
The Tutorials happen on Weekends and thus are open to parents as well.
Now parents too keenly participate to understand the concept so that it can be more wide spread.
Parents are an important part of the Linguistics Cafe as stakeholders supporting to increase awareness and interest amongst more students.
As a routine , open workshops (for everyone in the school) are also held for a weeks duration in this café before the actual exam.
From this amazingly fast paced start, Mukund wants to take it up to yet another level, inspire more school kids and spread awareness about the concept of the Linguistics Café. He is looking forward to more and more peers taking up the Olympiad as a doorway to the exciting world of Linguistics and Problem Solving.