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Our Indian Education System does not include Commerce as a subject in its curriculum before grade 11. Despite this, Krishna Public School (KPS) exhibits a paradigm shift in the school curriculum providing students of grades 8, 9 & 10 with a platform to prepare for varied Finance related competitions including quizzes and national level assessment tests. KPS being a school of quizzers in a non-quizzing city and in fact state , has a progressive journey of its achievements as the only “quizzer school” in Raipur since 2013.
Its journey started when Mukund Choudhary of grade 8 and Shubh Kela of grade 9 from KPS appeared for the NSE(National Stock Exchange ) Funancial Quest and a wow factor came when they emerged as the National Runners U, after clearing the grueling city and zonal rounds . They got an opportunity to take this Finance Quiz finally in the Auditorium of the NSE Building in India’s financial capital Mumbai- really a great exposure to these budding quizzers.
Later when the Government of India started with the Financial Literacy Program for students of Middle School, this gave flair to the other students to understand the fundamental terms of Commerce, business and Accountancy.
To add more achievements to this field, KPS Executive Director Mr Ashutosh Tripathi encouraged students of grade 8 to prepare for NFLAT (National Financial Literacy Assessment Test conducted by SEBI- Securities and Exchange Board Of india , RBI and others) through Special Classes in 2013. And again this time the achievement climbed the ladder of success when Mukund Choudhary achieved All India Rank of 3 at the NFLAT, besides achievements of other students too in Top 100 Ranks at National Level.
With these landmark achievements the parents are also taking keen interest to prepare their wards for this different competitive field and the number of achievements has showed progression year after year.
The Progressive Journey shows how the quiz participants in KPS increased from 10 in 2013 to 2800 in 2017.
With this achievement Mukund started conducting workshops to guide his friends and other interested students of KPS for NFLAT and other Finance Quizzes as well.
In 2014 KPS achieved 4 selections in NFLAT with Top 120 Ranks at National Level.
Rank 30 – Jaipuri Goswami
Rank 44- Srajan Khandelwal
Rank 46- Ashish Bohra
Rank 119-Sanjeeb Nath
Also KPS Principal, Mrs Priyanka Tripathi was felicitated with The Best Principal Award for NFLAT in 2014.

In 2015 KPS acheieved 6 selections in NFLAT with Top 5 Ranks within 100 at National Level.
Rank 66- Priyanshi Tripathi
Rank 73-Pulkit Adil with Siddharth Kumar Sharma , Amrit Raj, Anagh Sharma and Swapnil Huta
In 2017 KPS has registered 2800 participants for NFLAT.
Another feather added to the achievement of quizzers when Mukund Choudhary and Jaipuri Goswami were honoured by then RBI Governor Dr Raghuram Rajan , as the RBI Quiz National Champions - an incredible achievement by these budding quizzers.
Next Achievement came up with Yashraj Mishra and Gaureja Aeron shining at the National Finals with rank 1 in BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) –BIFO Quiz in 2016-17
In NFO( National Finance Olympiad conducted by IIFM-Indian Institute of Financial Management) the participants were 8 in number where Priyanshi Triapthi was honoured as THE HIGHEST ZONAL SCORER . Krishna Public School received Special Recognition Award by NFO.
In 2013-14 RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) Quiz KPS Team secured 3rd Position at State Level amongst 3 teams. The achievers were – Anvesh Mishra and Aayanshi Chatterjee.

In 2014-15 in RBI Quiz Mukund Choudhary and Jaipuri Goswami were the National Winners