Literary Club
It is only by introducing the young to great literature, drama and poetry that we open
to them the possibilities that lie within the human spirit and enable them to explore
the vision and dreams. True to its name, the Literary Club gives a platform to the
students to exhibit & verbalize their imagination, originality and talents through a
number of activities and games like proverb dumb charades, word building, mono
acting, enacting skits, spin a yarn, composing poems and debates. The club
organized different activities throughout the session. Students and the teachers took
active interests in all activities of the club.
The faculties of the club organized various seminars and workshops to provide the
means for literary expression. The teachers rendered their help to the students for
show casing their talents by providing training in the art of communicating one's
ideas to others. Literary expression is either oral or written. By participating in
debates, students get an opportunity to express themselves orally and in a logical
way. Public speaking and debating are two main forms of oral expression which are
facilitated by the club. The students were taught to speak, read and write during the
seminars. The club aims at improving and accomplishing literary ideas and thoughts.
The Club organized English Debate and Hindi Debate Competition which gave good
platform to develop their speaking skill.
The Club organized English Debate and Hindi Debate Competition which gave good
platform to develop their speaking skills. English essay writing competition was
organized on the topic 'Right to Education' for the Senior Classes.
Students actively participated in English storytelling, recitation and extempore in the
Junior Section.
Students were motivated to take part in Hindi poem writing, story writing and essay
writing competition.
Apart from the competitions held, students also took interest in making different
charts depicting new words, phrases, idioms, cross words, palindromes etc. which
increased the knowledge and interest in the literary field. They were also taught to
compose their original works and write reviews on literary classics and even movies.
A workshop of preparing a 'Class Magazine' for the students of classes IX and X gave
lots of enthusiasm and encouragement. Students are encouraged to participate in
inter-house and inter-school competitions. Compeering and good oratory skills are
taught through morning assemblies and other programs as an effective medium. The
highlights of the news, read by a student each morning helps to develop confidence
among students.
Quiz Club

Quizzing is an activity thatarises curiosity and keepsone’s adrenaline levels highall the time. It is always apleasure to write the QuizClub report every year sincethis is one of the most activeclubs of KPS participatin ground the year in most inter-school contests. Quiz master, Severina WatesReid conducted an exciting quizshow under the aegis ofBournvita Confident India (DerekBrien and Associates) 10th July2010. Audio and visual roundswere conducted to assess theobservat ion ski l ls, physicalalertness and mathemat icalaptitude of the participants.Students who stole limelight wereawarded medals and certificates.

Arts Club

The seeds of innovation are sown by this club where the students are taughtpaperwork, drawing, colouring, painting and claywork. These activities hone theircreative skills.Competitions were held on different themes during the of session to drawattention towards the hidden potential and talent of the students. Thesecompetitions helped the students to express their thoughts and imagination.To enjoy the world of brushes andcolours a special workshop was organized inthe school campus. The objective of this workshop was to render the technical knowledge about different colours and paints.Students of classes VII to IX participated with excitement.

Social Service Club

“It is easier to give a cup of rice to relievehunger than to relieve the loneliness and pain ofsome one unloved in our own home. Bring loveinto your own home, for this is where our lovefor each other must start”- Mother TeresaOur Social Service Club has been doingvarious turnkey projects for the welfare of thesociety. It teaches that tenderness andkindness are not signs of weakness anddespair but manifestations of strength andresolution. The club gave shape to a nobletask by joining hands with Central Chroniclein its initiative. In response to theadvertisement published in the newspaper,our students collected old books,uniforms, stationery, bags etc anddonated to the deprived children of theremote areas of Bastar district.
The clubmembers not only shared their resources but also their hearts withthese downtrodden children.A special ceremony was held bythe club on July 27, 2010 in the school premises to dedicate the day to thesechi ldren. The minuscule butexemplary effort was acknowledgedby all, hoping that this spark of loveand care should always burn bright.

Mathematics Club

There is a genuine place for amathematics club in a school like KPS where the development and theanalytical skills of a child is alwaysgiven the first priority. In this clubthe students get opportunities topar t icipate in recreat ionalmathematics, project games,discussions and quiz.The club organized a Quiz on21st August 2010 for the studentsof IX, XI and XII. Around 60students participated in the competition with enthusiasm and interest.

Eco Club

AN EFFORT TO HELP SAVE THE EARTHLearning from nature and creating apollution free earth are the twinpurpose of the Eco Club.The Greenbrigade tries to teach the children toconserve our environment and tostrike a balance between the bioticand abiotic community around andalso take steps to contributetowards its sustenance and balance.On 8th July 10, the students of Eco-Club in association with the Blue House conducteda mega-event. The honorable chief guest Mr. Praveen Singhi, President ‘Lok Agrah’addressed the students. Mr. Singhi is working with an NGO ‘Lok Aagrah’ for Rain waterharvesting and lake preservation.
He spoke about the depleting water level in thecountry, particularly in and around Raipur, deforestation, heavy industrialization andover population. He explained the different measures that can be taken to overcomethe problem. The students were explained the process of rain water harvesting with aworking model.The club celebrated”Van Mahotsav’ to highlight the significance of trees. District Forest Officer, RajeshPandey was the guest of honour for the occasion.Students reflected the victory of ‘’Paryavaran’ over‘ Pradushan’ through a dance presentation. They alsoenacted a skit motivating the audience to prefer agreen jungle to a concrete one. Co-existence of‘’ecology’ and ‘economy’ was further expressed byplanting saplings in unison within school premises.

Science Club

The Science Club is the dearest club of the young scientists of the school. It is a placewhere a whole lot of critical, analytical , technical and scientific dialogue takes place.Various experiments are conducted by the enthusiastic members, theories arepracticed and the quest to know the unknown is quenched. Some of the events of theclub are preparing models, charts and organizing inter-house quiz competitions.Science learning is rarely performed in isolation from one's peers; rather, peerexchange is often vital to learning. This is true of real-world scientists and should alsobe true of classroom teaching., was designed tocapitalize on the social nature of learningand to foster collaborative work.

Health & Wellness Club

Physical education and health awareness inthe curriculum and extracurricular sport are bothvery popular and successful areas of school life.The sense of well being they bring contribute verypositively to own ethos. Both ‘sport for all’ and‘competitive sport’ are important at KPS.The students take part in a variety of indoorand outdoor games such as football, basketball,badminton, table tennis, volley-ball regularly.Throw ball was a new sport of the session. Girls basketball team represented the school in inter-school events enthusiastically.Parents offer tremendous support in these activities andenable the school to become involved inmany sporting competitions.

Computer Club

Computer literacy for children is animportant beginning, giving them the best toolfor their lives and their future careers. It is amedium to access countless pages ofinformation, a place to create reports plus amyriad of other applications.Complementing this vision, ourcomputer club strives to enable young minds toexpress their creativity through technology. Aworkshop on Photoshop was organized on 9thOctober 2010 for the students of Class IX.Students displayed acolourful drill and sang to the tunes ofpatriotic songs. The festival provided aunique opportunity for the audience towitness vibrant and authentic folk dancesdrawn from various parts of the country.