The Annual School Tour to Mumbai and Goa

It was the morning of 13 October 2010, whenI woke up in excitement and anticipation oftimely boarding the train to Goa via Nagpurand Pune with my KPS family on a nine daylong tour, which included Mumbai as well. Thefrenzy generated in the company of our friendsand teachers at the Railway Station, in thetrain and during the journey was unbelievable.Time flew so fast and as we were laughing around, enjoying the game of cards, listeningto music with delicious food served enroute, cracking jokes and witnessing the changinglandscape during the journey from barren Deccan to lush green sugar belt around Puneto the cool breeze emanating from Goan seas, flowing across rows of palms arounddawn, welcoming us to India's hot tourist destination….
By Abhimanyu Kale
Class XI A

Goa - Commenced with the visit to beaches, mainly-

Colva beach

Our resort being on the shores ofthe sea at Colva Beach facilitated us to enjoywaves by swirling up and down in the company offriends. We were completely taken aback by theforce and strength of the sea waves which hit usacross, drenched and then withdrew completely,leaving us awe struck. Some of us madestructures out of white beach sand only to seethe whole formation getting wiped out with aneye blink by the swirling waves of the emeraldArabian Sea. What a relaxing time it was after the long journey!

Basailica of Bom Jesus

We boarded our tour buses, via Old Goa, halting briefly at atemple of Goddess Durga and headed towards an important landmark of Old Goa;Basailica of Bom Jesus , a world heritagemonument of Portuguese architecture, oneof the finest Baroque church in the whole ofGoa, built between 1594-1605. For all thegrandeur contained in it, nothing couldpossibly surpass the mortal remains of St.Francis Xavier of Spanish origin kept in asilver casket. He worked for the propagationof Christianity and played an instrumentalrole in founding the Society of Jesus.   

Museum of Christian Art

As we movedout of the Basillica, a magnificient whitethebuilding caught everyone's attention. It wasthe museum of Christian art, the home tomany artistic and antique collections fromacross the world, like ancient relics ofPortugese and Christian history, varioustypes and sizes of metal objects such ashammer, compass, bows, arrows and hugecollection of Portugese currency. Also, werecurrencies of metal coinage from all overEurope depicting voyages and religions. Itwas simply breathtaking to see all suchwonderful collections. Being an artmuseum, the upper galleries contained famous paintings by artists of the Christian erasuch as Gionvanni , Bernnini, Miro, Da Vinci etc.and extraordinary sculptures byRapheal Santi and Michealangelo were replicated and beautifully displayed.

Donna Paula Jetty

Our last destination of the first day was the famous Donna PaulaJetty, known for its splendid sea landscape lined with ships and boats in the horizon,clear skies, marketplace and of course, the beautiful sunset.We enjoyed camp fire, organized in the hotel on reaching back and danced merrily on sound tracks, around the log fire, anticipating further excitement on the second day,which was marked by a visit to :

Vagator Beach and the Aguada Fort

The Vagator beach has been quite differentfrom Colva Beach , as it was more uneven, rocky and constituted a lot of corals and littlereefs but still was as beautiful as any beach, I have ever come across. Not too far fromthe Vagator was the famous Aguada Fort once used as a prison by the PortugeseColonists. It had several imprisonment cells in the open for the tourists to witness andwas indeed another masterpiece of Portugese architecture. The huge stone walls madeit look like a fortress with a beautiful view of the blue sea over it.

Calangute Beach and Our Cruise

Calangute Beach is a real hotspot and a majortourist attraction of Goa, because of its famous market that has various shops offamous brands, antiques, tattoos and various rides. The weather suddenly turnedwindy with dark clouds hovering and the view of the blue sea water of Calangute with its high rising waves was something unforgettable. I rode on a jet skii which was extremelyscary but great fun too. It began to rain heavily, encouraging us to get drenched inexcitement, jumping around and makingmerry. We had to be coaxed to board ourcruise ship Princessa , on a short trip towitness various dance performances andfolk dances of Goan culture, which weenjoyed thoroughly. Now it was the timeto pack up and head towards our nextdestination !!!…………


We reached Mumbai the next morningand while entering the city, we could feel its liveliness and were all glued to theDonna Paula JettyVagator Beach and the Aguada FortCalangute Beach and Our Cruisesight of huge sky scrappers. After getting readyand proceeding for sightseeing, we reached ourfirst destination

Jawaharlal Nehru Science Center

The Science park was situated in a huge complex and displayed the phenomenon of gravitational pull,planetary motions, laws of motion, human evolution, micro to macro organisms and ancient life forms through working equipments and models. The wooden models of dinosaurs,human organs and famous personalities were placed in the park.

Gateway of India

The famous landmark on the coast of Mumbai, a witness to the horrifying attacks of 26/11, stood tall representing the honour of the people of the city and of the whole country. We headed forward after clicking pictures of the landmark and Taj Hotel.

Fashion Street

Among the most popularmarket streets in Mumbai, it has huge lines ofshops by small sellers selling clothes andvarious accessories. A hotspot for shoppingand bargaining while shopping, it is a reallypopular place that attracts hundreds oftourists everyday.

Juhu Beach and 'Chowpaty'

It was duskas the first day flew by and our next stopseemed like the best relaxation after a long day of exploring the city. The calm waters ofthe Juhu beach, the 'Kala Khatta' with garma garam 'Pav bhaji' were a perfect treat.

Essel World

The next morning's destination was what we were longing for- thethrilling amusement park. As we reached there on a ferry, the enormity of the park gotus ready for the unforgettable fun.We took rides like the roller coaster, the thunder ride,the enterprise and even went into the haunted mansion and the funny mirror maze.After lunch we danced to our heart'selation on the tunes of the DJ in the rockingalley while some went for bowling and iceskating. What a day….!The next morning, I woke up with aheavy heart, knowing that after a fewhours all of it will be over. Whilecontemplating at everyone's laughingfaces, I too felt as if brimming withunforgettable memories which will act asthe oil of virtue for the lamp of friendshipand childhood.

Rendezvous With Soul Of SPAIN

Spain had been my dream destinationfor a while, when I finally got a chance tospend a week, soaked in the scenic, culturaland historic delights of the country. Depictingits varied essence, offering a diversegastronomy, I wrote copious notes…..There's a calm in the air and also in mysoul, while recollecting many aspects of itslifestyle and culture.
The passionate form of flamboyantdance, Flamenco was originally considered tobe a gypsy dance. It is accompanied by thesoulful tunes of the guitar and a song (cante).Its songs of lament, bitter romance and oppressions had a real chilling effect.

Watching Bullfight, the most popular of all the Spanish traditions was a perfecttreat. Originally, the sport involved men riding horses and fighting raging bulls, but iteventually changed to men, or matadors, fighting bulls off without the aid of horses.What happens during a bullfight?:Firstly the bull is let into the ring. Then, the topbullfighter called the Matador, watches his chief assistant wave a bright yellow andmagenta cape in front of the bull to make it charge. Then a trumpet is sounded andseveral fighters called Picadores weaken the bull by placing spears into it. Anothertrumpet is sounded and the Matador now removes his black winged hat and dedicatesthe death of the bull to the President or thecrowd before beginning his faena, which is themost beautiful and skillful section of the fightand where the Matador must prove hiscourage and artistry. It is basically a dancewith death.

The World Soccer Champions’ craze isevident when it comes to spectator ship andparticipation in Club matches hosting RealMadrid. These football fans are amongst themost ferventand dedicated in the whole Europe. The energy ofbullfighting, the hypnotic beauty of the flamenco, finequality saffron, majestic buildings, noiseless traffic,are just a few of the fabulous experiences one canalways remember Spectacular Spain for! It is a quaintmix between the Old World charm and the New Worldflamboyance.